Heated Riding Glove

Heated Riding Glove
Rechargeable Heated Riding Gloves is lightweight, Machine Washable, Durable, Cordless, Water Resistant, Windproof heated jacket. It instantly heated up, use Safety voltage, has Far infrared, and Intelligent temperature control.
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Product Details

Product Title: Heated Riding Gloves

Specification of Heated Riding Gloves:



Polyester, Nylon, TPU (Windproof, Water resistant), Cotton,




M,L, XL, 2XL

Heat Areas:




Power Supply:

3.7v 2200mah Lithium-polymer battery


40-60 °C (104 -140 °F )

Heated Setting:

Hi, Medium, Low 3 Setting

Lasting Time:

2-6 Hours

Charging Time:

About 3-6 hours



Products Advantages of Heated Riding Gloves:

Rechargeable Heated Riding Gloves is lightweight, Machine Washable, Durable, Cordless, Water Resistant, Windproof heated jacket. It instantly heated up, use Safety voltage, has Far infrared, and  Intelligent temperature control.


Q:What is your time of making samples?

A:Normally it takes 1-2 weeks to make samples.

Q:What is your MOQ?

A:Our MOQ is usually 600 pcs/color.

Q:How to confirm the style of garments?

A:If you have your own design, we will follow your design accordingly;If not, you can let us know your idea in detail,we may supply some samples for your reference.

Q:How to know the price?

A:Price is the issue for every customer which depends on many factors, such as fabrics, styling, size spec.,size ranges, quality requirement,delivery time etc,and so we only offer price upon receipt of yr confirm on above factors, tks for yr understanding.


Work time of Heated Riding Gloves

Highest temperature:6 hours

Middle temperature:9 hours

Lowest temperature:12 hours


Basic operation of Heated Riding Gloves

 1.put the battery into the pocket on the gloves.

2.Connect the jack plug from the gloves to the battery and switch on for operation

3.Smart three power output regulation,pulse output current. 

4.After loading,long press the button, LED display red, 100% power output, lithium-ion battery pack is in full power output condition,  gloves inside temperature is 55 to 60 ℃. .

5. Press the button again, LED display orange,80% power output,  gloves inside temperature is 49 to 55 ℃.

6. Press the button again, LED display green,60% power output,  gloves inside temperature is 40 to 45 ℃.

7.Press the button again,heating system stop working,heated gloves stop heating.

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