Volt Rechargeable Heated Gloves

Volt Rechargeable Heated Gloves
Volt rechargeable heated gloves can be use in outdoor sports, job site conditions, hunting, skiing, medical area, daily life.
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Product Details

Specification of volt rechargeable heated gloves:



Polyester, Nylon,


Black and Red


M,L, XL, 2XL

Heat Areas:

Between Fingers



Power Supply:

12v Motorcycle battery


40-60 °C (104 -140 °F )

Heated Setting:


Lasting Time:

Lasting all the time

Charging Time:




Products Usage Scenario:

Volt rechargeable heated gloves can be use in outdoor sports, job site conditions, hunting, skiing, medical area, daily life.


Products Advantages:

Volt rechargeable heated gloves is lightweight, Machine Washable, Durable, Cordless, Water Resistant, Windproof heated jacket. It instantly heated up, use Safety voltage, has Far infrared, and  Intelligent temperature control.


Prosmart has been adapted to this glove, giving the glove the ability to automatically regulate the internal temperature, while the 3M Thinsulate insulation ensures breathability and warmth of the glove. Waterproof, windproof and snowproof exterior also allows you to keep your hands dry and clean while climbing or skiing.

Why you need a heated gloves?
Fingers and toes are located furthest from the heart, so they are vulnerable to get cold and go numb in the clod winter. So whether you're out for a run, cycling or climbing, you need to keep your digits nice and toasty with a Prosmart volt rechargeable heated gloves.

Choose volt rechargeable heated gloves may be a very tangled issue.
If you have to deal with a lot of ice or snow, you may want to consider the waterproof option. In order to shovel snow, you may consider buying non-slip gloves. For alpine skiing, insulation should be your main focus. For everyday activities like driving a car, durable gloves should suit you just fine. While if you have try our heated gloves, you will feel that it is truly a warm, comfortable, breathable, waterproof and durable glove.

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