Battery Powered Heated Vest

Battery Powered Heated Vest
PROsmart develops not only Battery Powered Heated Vest but also a series of battery heated clothing including: heated jacket, heated gloves, heated socks, heated underwear, electric heated blanket, heated quilt, heated shawl, heated vest, heated coat and heated pads.
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Product Title: Battery Powered Heated Vest



Polyester, Nylon, Fleece, Cotton,




M,L, XL, 2XL

Heat Areas:

2 Front chests and upper back



Power Supply:

7.4v 5000mah Lithium-polymer battery


40-60 °C (104 -140 °F )

Heated Setting:

Hi, Medium, Low 3 Setting

Lasting Time:

4-12 Hours

Charging Time:

About 6-8 hours


Specifications of Carbon Fiber Heating Pad .

The Carbon Fiber Heating Pad (also called Carbon Fiber Heating Element) is the most important component of Heated Clothes. It consists of the electric heating sheet, the switch, the wire.
Our carbon fiber heating pad is made with carbon fiber, not metal wire. It is waterproof and safe to dress, rub, fold or wash. The switch with LED controller has four heating modes (Preheat, High, Mid and Low) for heat setting. The wire is specially designed and manufactured to fit the heating clothing requirements. The 12V DC power is lithium battery with high quality and high performance. All of them are integrated seamless to form the electric heating system for heated workwear. The following are the specifications of carbon fiber heating pad.

All our Carbon Fiber Heating Pad for heated clothing should be inspected with strict processes to assure the quality before integrating into the heated clothes. The followed are the standard inspection processes.
1. Prepare the DC power supply and adjust the voltage to direct 12V.
2. Connect the heating sheet correctly with the power then turn on the switch.
3. Electric Current Testing. Open the electric heated sheet to see if the current meets the requirements of the above table. If it is out of range, the electric heating sheet should be rejected. The current value of the test will consistent with the tolerance of ±0.02A.
4. Washable Testing. Put the entire electric heating sheet into the water after immersed. Rub the sheet to simulate the effect of water washing at the same time. The sample is randomly selected for 5%.
5. Temperature protection Testing. Wrap up the electric heat sheet and monitor the temperature with the infrared thermostat. The current will be cut off (value 0) when the temperature reached 50oC (+/- 5 oC), and the current will be automatically connected when cooling, random sampling is 10%. The function will help avoiding fire if the user forgets to close the power.
6. All finished heated clothing products require 100% inspection.

Manufacture Process

Manufacture process is very important to achieve high quality products with controlled cost. Our modern factory is equipped with advanced machines to keep high product quality, shorter delivery time and competitive cost to meet the demands of our worldwide customers. Most of our products had been kept up with the international forefront counterparts. Some of them have enjoyed leading positions, especially heated clothes.
Our heated clothing is made with strict processes and quality assurance. The heating system is made with carbon fiber not metal wire, and then it is safe to wear. We will take 100% inspection to ensure that the quality of each product after finish sewing.



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