Heated Hunting Vest

Heated hunting vest is very popular on worldwide market.  It is suitable to wear in forest area for hunting game. You can  wear it inside the jacket when cold weather or wear it outside in spring or autumn. The hunting vest can be taken as reversible vest for multiple Features
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Product Details

Product Title: Heated Hunting Vest




Polyester, Nylon, TPU (Windproof, Water resistant), Cotton,




S,M,L, XL,

Heat Areas:

2 Front chests and upper back



Power Supply:

3.7v 10000mah Lithium-polymer battery


40-60 °C (104 -140 °F )

Heated Setting:

Hi, Medium, Low 3 Setting

Lasting Time:

4-12 Hours

Charging Time:

About 6-8 hours




1. Remove the USB plug and connect to the charging treasure, press the charging treasure output switch, and press the temperature control switch for 2 seconds;

2. The red light flashes for automatic temperature control heating. After the red light flashes for 5 minutes, it will automatically turn white into medium temperature control;

3. Manually adjust to the third gear, the red light is continuous high temperature heating, the white light is continuous medium temperature heating, and the blue light is continuous energy saving heating.

4. Press and hold the temperature control switch for 2 seconds, and turn off the light to stop heating.


Washing precautions:

1. Take out the charging treasure, add a neutral detergent and wash it by hand. Do not force it or beat it. After washing, it is easy to wear after being air-dried.

2. Long-term not applicable, please do not access the charging treasure;

3. Do not use hot water or strong acid detergent;

4. It is forbidden to use electricity for wet clothes. Please turn off the power and stop using the rain.

5. The usage time depends on the size of the charging treasure



A power supply is required for heating.

The product does not include mobile power.

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