A Heated Jacket That Can Keep You Warm And Charge Your Smartphone On The Go

Cool Tech: A Heated Jacket That Can Keep You Warm And Charge Your Smartphone On The Go

The world is going crazy about wearables at the moment. Everyone is talking about the latest and greatest in innovative wearable technology, as well as speculating about where the wearable industry can go next. It seems that Prosmart got the memo about the importance of wearables, but took a slightly different approach to giving consumers something to wear by introducing the world’s first heated jacket to keep you warm in those testing winter conditions and it comes equipped with a long lasting lithium polymer battery which can also help charge your gadgets on the go.

The main heated jacket is literally packed full of innovative tech that will offer real world benefits to those opting to purchase it. The ultra-light, any-season jacket contains the carbon fibre heating element that seems a total of three heated body panels included in the chest area of the product. This integration comes with preset control functionality allowing the wearer to change the temperature, based on the external conditions.

The products are manufactured to be extremely lightweight and suitable for wearing in all weather conditions to keep the wearer comfortable in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees all the way up to 55 degrees. It’s washable, water resistant, extremely durable, and comes with one year warranty.

Battery Self Warming Hoodie Jacket.jpg