Advantage of carbon fibre heating element

Advantage of carbon fibre heating element

What makes the heated jacket generate the heated continually? It is carbon fibre heating element. Is it safe? Yes, please check the advantages as below.



a. Fast heating and high thermal conversion efficiency ,keep body warmer  


b.Small heating pads ,energy saving and durable ,long life span.


c.The temperature can be control as your requirement ,more comfortable.


d.Far infrared ray heat,good for body healthy ,can Promote Blood Circulation .


How to operate:

Step 1:  Plug into battery pack, long press switch button for 2 seconds to turn power on (red blue and green will blink once), set to 5-minute pre-heat mode (LED light in red, 100% output), during pre-heat mode also can press button to change temp. Level. After 5-minute pre-heat mode, go down to second output(LED in blue, 75% output) automatically.

Step 2: Short press switch button to change temp. level: LED in RED - 98% (High) LED in BLUE - 75% (Medium) LED in GREEN - 50% (Low)

Step3:Long pressing switch button to turn power off.