Does different heating element's material make different?

Does different heating element's material makes different?

For years, heated clothing field seems nothing changed.It's a cloth indeed, providing heated functions.

But customers seldom notice the change of the heated elements.

They are sewed inside the cloth, but if you touch it,and grab it,and put it on and try it for sereval times,you will find it is different from different manufacture.

It's become soft,even unnoticable.

As I mention before,old type heating element is hard and when you are wearing the cloth, you will surely fell the hard object there.You feel you are wearing a special clothing.

With soft carbon fire heating element, you just can not feel anything.You feel like you are just wearing a normal cloth,that is it.

It's become heated up fast.

If you pay attention,sit tight,make the heated jacket close to you body, you will feel repid heat from the jacket.