FAQ about heated clothing

FAQ about heated clothing


Q: Will heated clothes wear electric shock when worn on your body?


A: No, the input voltage of hot electric clothes is USB5V-12V, and the human body safety voltage is 36V.


Q: Will the battery of the heated clothing explode?


A: No, the battery used for electric heating clothes is a polymer lithium battery, that is, all the batteries used in mobile phones are safe and reliable.


Q: Does the electric heated clothing have radiated electromagnetic waves?


A: No, the heating elements of electric heating clothes are made of high-tech carbon fiber. The heating of carbon fiber will only produce far-infrared rays that are beneficial to the human body without generating radiation and electromagnetic waves.


Q: How high is the temperature of the electric clothes? Will it burn people?


A: No, the electric heating clothing has an intelligent constant temperature system, which is worn on the body. After 10-20 minutes, the constant temperature will not rise any more, and the height will not exceed 60 °C, which is equal to the temperature when the mobile phone charger is charged.


Q: Will electric clothes catch fire?


A: No, the battery of electric heating clothes has intelligent protection function. As long as the heating system of the electric heating clothing is faulty or short-circuited, the battery will automatically start the self-protection program and no longer supply power to the heating system. Another: the burning point of the paper towel is 450 ° C, it is impossible to reach such a high temperature.


Q: Will the connection line and battery of the electric clothes feel uncomfortable?


A: No, the connection line of the electric heating clothes is hidden inside the product. If it is not disassembled, it is not felt to be different from the ordinary popular clothes; the battery placement position of the electric heating clothes is based on ergonomics. Designed, it will not make people feel uncomfortable.