Features of Heated Clothing

Features of Heated Clothing:

1) Warmth: through the lithium battery and carbon fiber heating wire to make the vest fever, heat for a long time, the heating area directly acts on the back of the human body with the most concentrated nerve endings, so that the body can enjoy the warmth of sunshine in the cold winter.

2) The far-infrared rays released by the product are similar to those emitted by the human body, and are easily absorbed by the human body, thus forming a series of beneficial physiological effects such as “internal heat effect”, stimulating human vitality, improving microcirculation in the body, promoting metabolism, and regulating activity. , with health care and help with rehabilitation.

3)The temperature-controlled lithium battery pack has a USB5V output in addition to the power supply heating sheet to make the vest heat. It has a mobile power function and can be used as a mobile power source with an LED indication.

4) Three temperature adjustable, with LED gear display, help you choose the right heating temperature.

5)DC low-voltage design, will never produce electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body (1/1600 of European standard value), consumers are absolutely safe and reliable to wear.

6) The excellent softness of the heating element can be bent without deformation.

7)can be removed for washing. The battery and the heating sheet can be removed and the jacket is easy to clean.

8) When no heating is required, remove the lithium battery and the product can be used as a general vest.