Features of Heated Gloves

                                                  Features of Heated Gloves


It is safe. Imported high-tech carbon fiber heating material, long service life, not easy to break, use 5V low voltage (computer USB interface is 5V), equivalent to 4 small 5 batteries, safe and reliable.


Energy saving and environmental protection. An average of 25 days and 1 kWh;


High thermal efficiency. For example, the indoor ambient temperature is 0 °C -10 °C. In a short period of time, the temperature of the series can reach 40 °C which is very comfortable and warm to the human body; the electrothermal conversion efficiency is high, saving electric energy - electrothermal conversion rate is better than metal wire The heating element is more than 30% higher and the thermal efficiency is as high as 99.9%.


The temperature rises quickly in unit time. It can rise to the predetermined temperature within a few seconds;


Comfortable and convenient. Ergonomically designed, the product is soft and close to the body, and it can move freely. When you go out, you can remove the heat-generating piece, which is a light fashion glove (very convenient for cleaning)


Flexible selection of multiple power supply modes (computer USB interface power supply, usb charger power supply), to meet the various needs of users in different occasions;


The style design is beautiful and the woven material feels soft and comfortable, which makes you or your family and friends add fashion and warmth.


The latest user-friendly design, line length 1.5m, plug and play, free movement.