Heated Shawl

                                                                      Heated Shawl

product manual:

Product Name USB Electric Blanket

Input voltage  USB/5V

Product power 2.5W+0.5W

Far infrared carbon fiber

Product temperature 40 degree ~ 45 degree

Product size 45CM×80CM


package instruction

1. A product set of a PP bag, then loaded into a white box or color box

2. White box size: 46CM × 23CM × 4CM

3. 20PC/box


Product Description: The product is supplied by computer USB interface 5V or power adapter DC low voltage 5V Electricity, and use far-infrared carbon fiber as a raw material for heating, no electromagnetic wave radiation will be generated, will not produce a sense of heat, and will not create the risk of electric shock, certified by the medical authority

Excellent physiotherapy effect. The product is suitable for people who work long hours in the cold season. 

Leggings, knee pads, foot protection and good warmth and health care.