Heating Clothing Notes

                                                    Heating Clothing Notes


Prosmart electric heating clothes | electric heating clothes | heating clothes Note:

Please read and keep the instructions carefully before use and use as required;

Please do not use this product in high-pressure working places;

It is recommended not to use the high temperature for a long time to avoid skin discomfort;

Electric heating clothes, electric clothes, if not worn in the human body, please do not turn on (battery life is 500 charge and discharge);

Do not use while sleeping;

It is forbidden to use this product for unconscious people;

Those who carry pacemakers are forbidden to use;

Pregnant women, children and infants are prohibited from use;

Do not use if the skin is sensitive to heat;

Do not scrape the heater chip with sharp objects;

Please do not disassemble or modify this product at will, otherwise it will not be guaranteed;

When inserting or removing the product connector, hold the plug handle and do not pull the cable to avoid breakage or damage to the plug;

Do not pull the wires inside the product;

It can be washed in a washing machine. It is recommended that the hand wash be naturally hanged to dry before use.

Do not use chemicals such as corrosive detergents or thinners to clean the product;

When not in use, store the product in a dry, clean place.