How heat is enough for your heated jacket?

How heat is enough for your heated jacket?

You may not know that heated jacket is heated for only small parts of the jacket,it don't not heated up the whole.

Does it works for the cold weather if it's not heated up for the whole area?

Yes it works, see the reviews on

We are discussing how heated you need.

Normally a size fo battery or a sort of battery will make how heated the jacket is.but most people will not realize that.So I will jump over this part.

For the reasons above, If you are choosing a heated jacket in the shoping place,you ask the seller to turn it on,and try to touch it to fell the heat,but most of the time ,it won't work.

You feel it's WARM but not heat there.You think it't not eough for your body.

Actally,it's a wrong way to test like that.

The right way is ,turn the jacket on, ziper it or cover it with cloth,and then wait a minute.

Then try to feel it by touching the heating area.You will feel some heat there not noly warm.

Then,if it's possible,the best way to do it is put it on.Feel it for some mintues.Walk for while in the cold.

Remember,put it on and try to feel it,instead of just feel by your hand.

Good luck.