How high voltage will kill you?

How much electricity will kill the dead is related to everyone's constitution. Generally speaking, the leakage protector is designed to be 15 mA 0.1 seconds, which is safe. A current of more than 50 Ma is basically capable of electrical death, and a current of one Ma can make people feel noticeable. It is generally believed that the 36 volt voltage is safe for anyone, but there are special cases. The case of 36 volt safety voltage death is also present. If it is high pressure, almost no one can afford it.

The response of the human body to the current:
8~10mA has difficulty in getting rid of electrodes and has a pain sensation (finger joints).
20~25mA hands quickly paralyzed, can not automatically shake off the electrode, breathing difficulties.
50~80mA is difficult to breathe, and the atrium begins to tremble.
90~100mA breathing paralysis, three seconds later, the heart began to paralyze, stop beating.
The calculation of the electric shock current is based on the electric shock voltage and the human body impedance. The impedance of human body depends on certain factors, especially the current path, the contact voltage, the duration of the current, the frequency, the humidity of the skin moisture, the contact area, the pressure and temperature applied. Under the power frequency voltage, the impedance of the human body increases with the increase of the contact area and the higher the voltage, the smaller the impedance. IEC integrated the research results of human impedance over the years, closely examined the measured data of a large number of corpses, and the human body impedance at 50 / 60Hz was about 1000 Omega.
But actually, the electric death is voltage, not current.
As we all know, the current heating formula is Q = I*I*R*T, where I is the current R and the resistance is. This is what most people call electric current dead people, but actually this formula deceived most people.

The following example proves
Take a common 3.7 volt battery wire to connect the head and foot of the human, certainly not dead, this is all know, but if really calm down the heart to think, no matter how much the current is the battery to the human body, the Q = I*I*R*T effect, the accumulation of heat is also considerable, why do people do not cook? How about 1 thousand batteries in parallel?
When 1 people pass through the high voltage line and are killed by electricity, are there any reports in the media? What's the principle? Does this always have nothing to do with the current? A very simple example, the high pressure electric stick, with a dry battery directly up to 180 thousand volts, I tried, a more than 200 Jin of the fat pig can all of a sudden corona, a few several times on the hanging, this video you can refer to the "earth citizen" film, there is this The way to kill pigs.
2 if a person stands on the ground barefoot, touches the lighting electricity, and dies 100 percent by electricity, the resistance of this time is about 1000 - 10W euro. It can be explained that the current flows through the resistance to do work, and that the electric energy (power doing) is also not strong, but in the case of the constant source of action, when a person wears a pair of trillions of Ohm insulation shoes, it will be okay. So the "electricity" to the death of the said does not set up; the current theory can not be established, because at this time people have current in circulation in the body, so that I did not change R increased countless times, instead of nothing.

Continue to explain:
Does the body have any voltage on the ground to touch the lighting? Is there any current? The answer is both voltage and current.
Is there any voltage for people to wear insulation shoes to touch lighting? Is there any current? The answer is no voltage, no current.
In fact, you should remember what the voltage is?
Voltage, also known as potential difference or potential difference, is a measure of the energy difference between unit charges in electrostatic field due to different electric potential. In addition, it is necessary to remind that voltage is usually used only in circuits, and electric potential or potential difference is used in all electric phenomena.
You go barefoot to touch that lighting power supply, that power has "280 volts" relative to you, and you have a potential difference relative to the ground at a moment after you touch, and because you have resistance, you have a pressure drop from your hands and feet (potential difference, you have both voltage and current), you hang up (because your nervous system does not bear it). The potential difference and the current heating.
But when you put on the insulation shoes, you touch the power for a moment, the power supply is 280 volt potential difference, after you touch, the voltage is transferred from hand to foot, insulation, this touch does not form potential difference, you have neither voltage nor current, so you are still alive. But assuming that the power output voltage is increasing slowly, after a certain degree, the air in the middle of one of your nearest ground objects is knocked out to produce an induction discharge, and you are burned immediately.
Remember, science is science, and death is voltage, not current.