How to Decide Between a Heated Jacket and a Heated Vest

How to Decide Between a Heated Jacket and a Heated Vest

The point is,if you only know there is heated jacket,that no problem,chose jacket.If you know there are heated jacket and heated vest, then flip a coin.

Joking of course.

Indeed,what I am trying to say is heated jacket's market is quite larger than heated vest.So,you will see heated jacket more than heated vest.Sometime you may not notice it.So ,it make different when you make that decision.However,when you see this blog,I am sorry that you notice both and I am afraid you have to make a tough decision.

  1. It's about money.

For sure,a heated jacket is quite expencise than a heated vest.A heated jacket is always using waterproof & wind proof matterial and it cost more expecially in material.

2. It's not about money.

 A heated clothing is way much more expencise than a normal jacket,so when you are going to pay more     than a dozen dollors,it's a kind of decision you make to try something new.In the way ,a heated jacket and a heated vest make no difference.

3.What is the big differences between heated jacket and heated vest?

For sure,heated jacket is wearing outside and it's material is waterproof and windproof,which heated vest never does.So basically,if you don't have a jacket function that way,a heated jacket will do the job.

Beside that,a heated jacket has more stytle when you are choosing.

Then what a about the heated vest?Indeed ,i always suggest people to have a heated vest other than a heated jacket. Base on the same power of your heating pad,It's more usfully to have a heated vest.It wears inside and close to you body.It also means you have more duable battery when you lower down the power level compare with the heated jacket.

In a couclsuion,if buget is tight, try a heated vest first.

If you don't like the stytle of a outer heated jacket,try a heated vest.