Introduction of Basic Operations about Heated Jacket

                          Introduction of Basic Operations about Heated Jacket


Intelligent four-speed power output regulation, current using pulse output mode.


1. Press the button after connecting the load, the LED will display red, which is equivalent to 7.4V, 100% power output, and the lithium battery pack is in full power output state.


2. Press the button again, the LED shows orange, equivalent to 6.2V, 75% power output.


3. Press the button again, the LED shows green, equivalent to 5.0V, 50% power output.


4. Press the button again, the LED will flash green, equivalent to 4.0V, 32% power output.


5. Press the button again and the output is zero.



Supporting charger


1. Input: 100V-240V, 50hz-60hz


2. Output: 8.4V, 1.0A


3. Charging indication: The battery pack is charged, the LED is red; the battery pack is fully charged and the LED is green. Charging takes about 2.5 hours.


Product packaging: packaging according to international standards, neutral label.