Market Prospects for Electric Warm Clothing

Far-infrared heating clothes are a new type of environmentally friendly electric heating clothes that have excellent heating and health care effects on the human body. Far-infrared heating clothes will be a new investment and development hotspot in the garment industry, with huge market prospects, small investment and large profit margins; domestic market has a large market and adaptation population, foreign countries in Korea, Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe, the European Community and The United States and Canada have potentially large markets.

The complete set of far infrared heating clothes consists of four parts; Electric heating suit; B. High-infrared polymer carbon fiber heating element; C. Lithium battery pack; D. charger.

among them:

A. The design, production and production of electric heating styles can also be provided by customers themselves.

B. High-intensity carbon fiber of far infrared ray as a heating element for electric heating clothes

C.Lithium battery pack: equipped with microcomputer single-chip management, electric heating has five-speed temperature and power output regulation, automatic constant temperature intelligent polymer lithium battery pack and digital smart polymer lithium battery pack, which is the core technology.

D. Charger: 8.4V 1.2A with constant current charging, constant voltage charging and charging. Fully charged indicator conversion and other functions, CCC or UL or CE or Korean KETI certified charger