Need To Pay Attention To The Use Of Electric Blanket

1. Learn how to properly use electric blankets: First, the electricity should not be too long. Normally, it is heated before going to bed. When you go to bed, you need to turn off the power. Do not use it overnight. Second, people with allergic reactions should not use electric blankets. Those who often use electric blankets should drink plenty of water. Fourth, electric blankets should not be in direct contact with the human body. It should be covered with a layer of blankets or blankets.

2, in order to prevent accidents, electric blankets can not leave people for a long time after power, do not stack heavy objects on the electric blanket, do not use the hot water bag on the blanket body at the same time, do not let the blanket body get wet, especially to prevent children, Patient bedwetting etc.

3, if the electric blanket is dirty, can not be soaked and washed, can not rub, only the electric blanket flat on the board with a soft brush to wipe clean or gently wipe the dirty surface with some diluted detergent, then rinse with water, then Dry it in a ventilated place. Do not dry it with electricity.

4. In the event of failure of the blanket or damage to parts or components, repairs must be made at the manufacturer's maintenance site or by a qualified technician. Do not repair it at will, or even simply twist the heater together to prevent excessive contact resistance. Changes in the resistance value parameter cause overheating that creates a danger of sparks.

5, electric blankets used in sofa beds, wire beds and other soft beds must be folded electric blankets. Usually sold in the market is a linear electric blanket, this electric blanket is only suitable for use in a hard bed, can not be used in a soft bed, otherwise it is easy to break the heating element, an accident.

6. When storing electric blankets, they should be air-dried and then circularly curled and bagged. Note that they must not be folded in multiple layers, and they must not be squeezed or pressed to prevent damage to the blanket components.

7. The normal service life of electric blankets is 6 years. Do not use “old age service”. Indefinite use may cause safety hazards and cause accidents.