Prosmart Heated Jacket Review

Prosmart Heated Jacket Review

This Prosmart Heated Jacket review took me a long time to write mainly because there are just so many little details in a jacket that need to be addressed. 

I first want to say that I really like this jacket. Even as a regular jacket it's a great garment but then you add the fact that it heats up and it becomes an exceptional garment. 

There are a lot of factors that I assess when reviewing heated gear whether it be gloves, vests pants or jackets but with jackets there are even more things to consider. 

With gloves, fit and style are factors but not nearly as much as with a jacket. 

In my opinion you should really love the way a jacket looks and if you don't, then you shouldn't buy it. 

But the look is only one of many factors. Below are all the factors that I look into when reviewing a heated jacket. 

Style/Quality/Warmth/Comfort/Water Resistance/Wind Resistance/Value/Battery Life/Customer/Service/Versatility

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