PROsmart's Carbon Fiber Heated Technology

Carbon fiber is internationally known as "black gold". It is internationally known as the "third generation material" after the stone and steel, because the composite material made of carbon fiber has extremely high strength, and Ultra light, high temperature and high pressure. The manufacture of spacecraft requires the extensive use of carbon fiber composite materials, which only a few countries can achieve.Carbon fiber have 99.9% of heating efficiency.

The use of carbon fiber is very promising. However, it is very rare for carbon fiber to be used in heat storage devices and successfully overcome the problems of connection and use. The team of manufacturers has extremely strong development capabilities. After successfully obtaining patents on heat storage devices, Successfully developed and promoted many heat storage products, such as thermal blankets, gloves, socks, underwear, etc. It has been exported to Japan, the United States, Europe and many other countries. It is used as a hot compress, cold, applied to medical treatment, and sports. , Military and other fields.

Tiny heating elements with flexible and washable character from PROsmart heated jacket make no difference with any other elegant clothing. Carbon fiber heated technology instantly heated up even in extremely cold weather.