Size chart and tip of gloves

 There has been many questions on how to size and fit gloves. Prosmart’s gloves sizing made its standards to ensure a comfortable fit, but just like snowflakes, no two hands are the same. Below is a size chart and some tips that you can use as guidance

Tips for All Sizes

You may find your Prosmart gloves to be initially snug and tight. They are made using a combination of polyester and spandex to create a snug and tight fit. After a few wears. They should be a perfect fit. If you are in between sizes on our size chart, and like your gloves more fitted, go with the smaller option; if you like your gloves looser go with a larger option

How to Measure

On your dominant hand, measure from the base of the palm to the tip of your middle finger, than use the chart to find your ideal size. You can also measure the width of your palm right under your fingers