The Role Of Electric Shoulder Pad?

1, Babao heating material uses environmentally friendly carbon fiber heating wire, carbon fiber heating wire will generate 8 to 15 micron far infrared in the heat, far infrared has a warm effect, activate the body macromolecules, reduce blood fat, improve microcirculation, enhance Human metabolism, improve immune function. It is called "the light of life" by the medical community!

2, electric shoulder protection through the expansion of blood vessels in the affected area, promote local blood circulation and speed up the operation of lymph, dredge meridians and blood, loosening muscles and blood circulation, anti-inflammatory pain, as well as the role of regulating the body's immune function.

3, Indications: by the wind and dampness, strain, bone hyperplasia caused by bone and joint damage, pain, paralysis, caused by inflammation, phlegm, pain, and symptoms caused by cold.