What is far infrared? What are the benefits of the human body?

What is far infrared?

The earth and the stars in the universe, the interaction is the “energy” is running on the earth’s magnetic energy from the sun, the sun’s rays in the far infrared is invisible electromagnetic waves. The sun’s rays can be divided into visible and invisible light. Visible light after reflection by the prism purple, blue, green, green, yellow, orange and red colors. Red light is not visible outside scientists known as the light of life. ….. . the infrared light which accounts for 80% of the sun, by the 0.76-1000 micron wave length, called infrared light. Which 4–400 microns wavelength, known as the far-infrared light, of which 90% of the 8-14 micron wavelength range, which all living beings on the planet of growth and development of light, every second to power of the vibration frequency of 1012, the naked eye can not see, good body.

Far-infrared properties is the sunlight in the infrared wave length longer wave, with the light propagation characteristics. …. has a strong far-infrared radiation penetration and can be 3-5 cm depth of human skin. ….can lead to far-infrared objects within the acceptable vibration effect and thermal effects.


According to the Japanese, MD, and the number of total U.S. Space (NASA) study: …. . contact with the body far infrared, its 2 / 3 of its body will resonate water molecules and volatility. So that the already disordered water molecules instantly re-arranged in neat rows, thereby increasing the magnetic field energy. Far infrared light waves fertility, can be used to protect and strengthen the body’s energy.

The principle of far-infrared …. . Infrared is so important is that many natural phenomena of physical movement (rotation and vibration of molecules) of the release or absorption of radiation energy happens to fall on the infrared energy region, the magnetic energy of 4-14 microns can penetrate the human body 15-20 cm. 70% of the human body is water, energy, water shock can be activated, the activation of cells immersed in water easily, dilute the waste stored in the cells → uric acid, free radicals, reactive oxygen, lactic acid, etc., through the pores out of the body, so that cells reached eliminate waste, absorb nutrients metabolism. …. . The study found that the body can transmit infrared, and can well absorb far-infrared, far infrared radiation for the human body has a selective absorption characteristics. Far-infrared radiation for organisms far the best red wavelength is 8-15 microns. Function of far infrared radiation, the energy absorbed by the body resonance of water molecules, resulting in angle-vibration, promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism, and large water molecules can break into small groups of water molecules group, while the role of sterilization and deodorization. ….. When the body of the far-infrared absorption after selection, can produce tissue resonance, and delivered to the deeper parts of human skin. Of biological molecules in a high vibration energy levels, skin deep, the temperature rise, the expansion of micro blood vessels, promote blood circulation, activation of biological cells and improve the activity of proteins and other biological macromolecules, and contribute to biological growth, strengthening the biological tissue regeneration, and then play the body metabolism adaptive immune function, and thus to the health care effect. ….. our electric blanket use of carbon fiber heating element, it is the latest high-tech materials, thin your hair is very soft and resistant to bending, not only that, it will launch a strong far-infrared, we carbon fiber, according to Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute of the far-infrared test reports, our carbon fiber heating element, the same conditions in all cases, the far-infrared emission is 2.5 times the general hotline. We use this material to do the electric blanket its benefits are obvious, both to to the product soft, you can sew, will launch a strong far-infrared, providing comfortable and warm at the same time, they can improve the health of your body Competition.