Which is the best for you?Heated socks or heated insoles?

Which is the best for you?Heated socks or heated insoles?

For years, heated insoles are in charge of the heated clothing field in "foot area"

Until heated socks come out,It's seems a little bit change.

What is the biggest difference between heated insoles and heated socks?

Firstly, the heating areas. Heated insoles will only heated up your foot(the side touch the ground),but heated socks can do the instep. That is cool, isn't it?

Heated insoles is old school type heated clothing in heated area,and it's not sales good as heated jacket and heated gloves,but it works in somewhere.

With the remote control,you can easily set on/off or adjust different temptures of your heated insoles.But that is the only way you can do it ,  as you can't put off the insoles to adjust.

Heated socks offer more fexible wearing feeling when you wear the socks.Heated socks can be thick and thin,but heated insoles have a 1.5cm thickness and you probably feel you shoes become smaller.

How about the battery in the heated socks?

Most brand put them in the pocket sew in the socks, and you can also connect the socket with a cable to your powerbank or motorcycle's battery.

It's quite up to you when you chose what to use.