You still use electrical Hot-water bag to keep warm?

The expansion explosion is because of the air inside. And it is often used, and the water inside is slowly steamed. The water inside is less. The air is less. The air is too much. It will expand. But it is recommended that these products are best for one year. Because the iron inside is rusty. I know when I change the water. The water inside is poured out. It's all black. It's turned to rusty water.
When heat is heated, the plug is on fire
Brand electric water bag can be used for one or two years
The electric heating water bag is a consumable and the service life is usually one to two years. The bag is not water, but high energy storage heat, the greater the number of charges, the greater the loss. Usually a charge of 8 to 15 minutes, can reach about 70 degrees of temperature, keep warm for 2 hours or so. If too frequently charged or damaged by electric heating water bag, it may shorten its service life.

The professional suggested that consumers should do safe work when using electric hot water bags. They should be used in strict accordance with the instructions and charge the electric hot water bags in the protective cloth bags. They should be guarded by people in the side, 2 meters away from the electrothermal water bag, and the plug is pulled out in time after the power break, so that it should not be put in a certain place for a long time. To avoid scald. Once the bag is damaged, the liquid leaks, the noise and the expansion of the bag body will be suspended, so as to avoid any danger.

The electric heating bag must be broken during the charging process.
When the indicator lights go out, pull out the plug before using it.
During the use, do not press energetically so as to avoid leakage and leakage.

When the breakage or leakage is found, the use is stopped immediately.
At present, the quality of the electric hot water bag in the market is different. The main problems are safety structure, input power and current, overvoltage protection device is not up to standard, and the power of electrothermal water bag is not consistent with the nominal. According to the national standard, the overheating protection device must be installed in the electric heating water bag. However, some enterprises do not install overvoltage protection devices because of the lack of technology. Some products are charging at a constant temperature and can easily be heated and exploded.