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Advantages Of Prosmart Electric Heating Clothes

Advantages of Prosmart electric heating clothes

A. Prosamrt electric heating products use carbon fiber composite wire as the heat energy provider, and the carbon fiber composite wire heat energy is not transmitted through the medium like the traditional electric heating clothes, but through the far infrared The light wave radiates into the human body, so that the heat energy generated by the electric heating garment is directly transmitted to the tissues and organs of the human body, so that the heat loss in the conduction process is reduced to a low level. It can be said that the current electric energy supply material of the global electric heating clothing industry is advanced and environmentally friendly. .

B. Unlike other ordinary electric heating clothes manufacturers, all of Prosmart electric heating clothes are 100% adopting the current advanced heating material carbon fiber composite wire, and its large heat is characterized by electromagnetic radiation. The minimum is almost negligible. The carbon fiber composite wire used in our electric heating clothes is smaller than the electromagnetic wire shielded by the ordinary electric heating clothes on the market, and is harmless to the human body.

C. The heat conversion rate of electric heating clothes produced by Prosmart is about 99.5% higher, and the ordinary electric heating clothes on the market is only less than 70%, which truly realizes the electric energy of electric heating clothes. Non-destructive conversion to heat.

D. Prosmart electric heating suit has its corrosion-resistant and durable characteristics due to the characteristics of carbon fiber, and its life span is 8000-10000 hours. Ordinary electric heating clothes are made of silver sheet metal heating sheet or heating wire which is easy to aging, easy to corrode, and has a short service life of about 1000 hours. Our electric heating clothes are equivalent to 10 times the life of ordinary electric heating clothes in the market.