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Advantages Of Prosmart Heated Jacket

                                    Advantages of Prosmart heated jacket


Jacket: Selected insulation, waterproof, breathable fabric, ergonomic design, more convenient and comfortable to wear;


Heating system: adopts new composite heating system, which has fast heating, high efficiency, excellent washing resistance, tensile strength and bending resistance. Built-in constant temperature protection switch prevents the safety hazard caused by abnormal temperature and is safer;


Lithium battery: It adopts the lithium battery of 7.4V heating suit independently developed by the company, which has good heating effect and is safer;



In order to promote the healthy development of the heating service industry, it is recommended to use the 7.4V lithium battery to supply the heating device, so as to prevent the quality of the charging power in the procurement market in order to reduce the cost. The charging treasure boosting scheme has many defects in the stability, heat generation, efficiency and safety of high current power supply!