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Electric Heating Insole

                                                  Electric Heating Insole

1) The first insole is USB thermostat. This insole should be plugged in and heated to keep warm, suitable for home, office and computer users. You can choose this insole if you don't move around often. This model does not have continuous insulation. (This temperature is at a constant temperature of 40 degrees, can not be adjusted. There are two ways of power supply: 1. Connect to the computer usb. 2. Use mobile charging treasure, please confirm before buying, home charging treasure, charger Whether the output power can reach 5V2A, if it does not reach 2A, buying it back may cause the insole not to be heated or the temperature is not high enough to achieve the heating effect!


2) The second insole is also usb constant temperature, this temperature is at a constant temperature of 42-45 degrees, can not be adjusted. There are three power supply modes: 1. Connect to 220V power supply, 2. Use mobile charging treasure, 3. Connect to computer usb interface, the temperature with charger is higher than the temperature without charger is also power failure does not heat.


3)The third type is a lithium battery charging insole. This insole has a continuous heat preservation function. The battery is fully charged once and can be kept for 8-9 hours or 8-13 hours. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It is suitable for any place and is unisex. (This temperature is designed with constant temperature and the temperature is constant at 42 degrees.) This insole is dual-purpose type. It can be connected to the charger for charging and heating. It can also be connected to the lithium battery for heating.