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Everything Seems Good For Prosmart Heated Clothing

                               Everything seems good for Prosmart heated clothing


According to the market analysis and customer demand of electric heating and heating clothing, we will consider humanization in battery design. All the electric heating products of our company can be used for our original special 3.7V~12V. Polymer batteries or 3.7V~12V ordinary batteries on the market can supply power for our electric clothes.


Prosmart electric heating electric clothes have a cycle lock temperature, 360 degrees all-around lock temperature, maintain body temperature, comprehensively block cold air, refuse cold and bad cold weather on the body belt The damage that comes! Warm and comfortable temperature determines health, promotes blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, and promotes cell metabolism.


Prosmart electric heating clothes | electric clothes inside all the soft processing of sanding, care for your skin, improve comfort. Electric clothes are made of specially-designed elastic cotton fabric, so that the heat-generating sheet is in close contact with the body. This effect is good, the battery can be used in 3 steps, the use time is longer, and the back spine can also be hot.


Prosmart electric heating suit is a new carbon fiber composite heating sheet, waterproof and washable, carbon fiber silk directly woven into Buri, pull constantly not bad, with 5 years is not bad.


Prosmart electric heating electric heating suit can use lithium battery, polymer battery, USB interface or 5V-7V charging treasure, 12V battery to supply power.