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Features Of Battery For Heated Clothing

                                               Features of battery for heated clothing


1. Through the rechargeable polymer lithium battery pack, the electric heating jacket is heated.

Use a soft heating piece that releases far infrared rays as a heating element.

DC low voltage design will never produce harmful electromagnetic waves to the human body (1/1600 of European standard value).

2. Product configuration and function

Temperature: There are two levels of intelligent temperature shifting, high and low. By pressing the button on the remote control to regulate the heating temperature. LEDs (red and green colors) display different heating temperatures.

Factory configuration: polymer lithium battery pack, battery pack charger, infrared remote control (set).

3. Warm clothing heating film efficiency temperature and heating time (test environment temperature: 0 ~ 15 ° C)

(1) 1st gear: LED display red warm clothing temperature 60-65 °C heating time: 3.5-4 Hours

(2) 2nd gear position: LED display green warm clothing temperature 50-55 °C heating time: 7-8 Hours

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