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Features Of Prosmart Heated Jacket

Features of Prosmart Heated Jacket

Superior Construction:

Water & Wind Blocking fabric keeps the melted snow and bitter cold from your skin.

Zippered Battery Pocket built inside jacket for easy access and so that you never lose your battery.

Perimeter heating elements using far infrared carbon fiber heating technology for full coverage including the hood.



Lightweight, Long-lasting Batteries:

Receive hours (depending on temperature setting) of battery use on one charge.

Includes one lightweight high capacity Lithium Polymer battery, 1 universal adapter/charger

Battery is rechargeable up to 500 times.

Easy Activation:

Push button LED controller makes it easy to activate the heat.

3 temperature settings: Low, Medium, High.


Push button Controller Operation:

To turn on, push and hold the LED button for 3 seconds or until the light comes on. The jacket is on at high setting. To turn off, push and hold the LED button for 3

seconds or until the light turns off.

Press the LED button to repeat cycle (H/M/L)

Mode 1 Red LED indicates HIGH temperature setting

Mode 2 White LED indicates MEDIUM temperature setting

Mode 3 Blue LED indicates LOW temperature setting

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