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Good Review From Customer

Prosmart claims the jacket will keep you warm down in winter…that's pretty warm. And a First impressions are that the jacket looks amazing. If you like this style of jacket, it looks the part with a little extra flair. It also fits extremely well, if not a bit long, It hangs just below my pockets. All features work well and I am looking forward to seeing how warm it keeps me when the weather gets really cold. Not only does the jacket fit well, but it feels great. I wore mine with a t-shirt just to see how comfortable it was and I never put another shirt back on. It's soft, flexible, and warm on the skin. The elements heat up surprisingly fast and work well to keep the body core warm.


· Great look

· Great fit & feel

· Heating elements warm up quickly

· Battery can charge mobile devices

In summary, I am happy to have this jacket , it’s a great deal. The heating functionality and ability to charge a cell phone make this a great addition to your wardrobe