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How We Test And Review The Heated Jacket?

Instead of relying on the information and reviews that are already available, we wanted to do our own testing. In our view there the following features are critical for a heated jacket:

1)Power of the heating

2)Adjustment of the heating

3)Endurance of the battery

4)Ruggedness of the garment (washing, abrasion)

5)Comfort (fit, stretch, wire placement)

6)Extra’s (phone chargers, headphone cable routing, etc.)

Testing how long we can lay in the snow

All these aspects are offset to the costs of the product. Nobody is going to pay thousands of dollars for a jacket. Armed with this list of criteria, we developed our test. Obviously, it would be conducted in winter and during a variety of activities. And we would need to use the same test persons over and over, to have a consistent measurement.

Once we had our test setup, the rest was pretty easy. Use the jacket daily, and in working conditions, and record any observations in our smartphone. After one month we put all the observations together and write our review. Hopefully, this helps you to find the right jacket, and stay warmer.

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