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Introduction About Heated Jacket

                                                Introduction about Heated Jacket


Bio-spectral electric heating vest This product adopts the internationally leading new DZR - which has been manufactured by multi-country invention patents of nano-semiconductor materials in 11 countries including the United States, Japan, the European Community, Australia, and China. The heat field is even and stable, and it has the characteristics of close-fitting cold, soft and comfortable, and strong body. It is matched with the 7.4V 4400mAh capacity lithium battery pack controlled by the built-in CPU software of China patent, and the 4-speed temperature control continuous heating heating is 5-15 hours.


Product Features

1) Matching special rechargeable lithium battery pack power supply, far infrared radiation heating.

2)Lithium battery pack built-in CPU software control, 4-speed temperature control, can be selected in a wide temperature range of 38 degrees - 75 degrees. Large-capacity lithium battery pack power supply, sustainable use for more than 15 hours (patented high heat efficiency DZR nano-semiconductor heater, temperature 40 degrees).

3)The heating body is soft and soft. It is made of special high-tech materials. It can work normally when folded and bent, avoiding the defects of the carbon fiber heating wire in the common heating clothes on the market.

4)DC 3.2V-7.4V ultra-low voltage design, will not produce electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body.

5)Winter wear and cold protection can help you get rid of the bulky and traditional winter clothes, easy for outdoor work or outdoor sports, and also has a significant health care effect. 6)Humanized and considerate design, the detachable integrated design of the heating piece is convenient for cleaning, and the operation is simple and safe. Health care function. 

7) Because this product is made of unique nano-semiconductor electrothermal material, its electrothermal spectrum is 9 micron (±3 micron), which is similar to human cell diameter. Long-term use is beneficial to improve human microcirculation and regulate body metabolism. Enhance the body's immune function and play a role in strengthening the body.

8)A type products, according to the physiological and structural characteristics of the human body, are designed carefully for patients with bronchitis and asthma, and concentrated heating on the back, and also suitable for the general public.

9)B-type products, designed for patients with frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, central heating of the shoulders, back and waist.

10)C-type products, designed for patients with stomach discomfort, heating at the same time on the back and stomach. Applicable people

11)Periarthritis of shoulder, gastritis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, tracheitis, asthma and other patients.

 12)Middle-aged and elderly people, physically weak people, outdoor sportsmen (fishing enthusiasts, hiking tourists, mountain adventures, etc.).

13)Outdoor working groups (traffic police, forest police, border guards, oil field workers, railway workers, etc.). Quality Assurance This product has passed the test of WRn-01-051 of National Household Appliance Quality Supervision and Testing Center, and can provide DZR nano-semiconductor electric heating 5 patents, Chinese Academy of Sciences testing DZR nano-semiconductor electric heating microwave radiation report, intelligent lithium battery pack Chinese patent, etc. Relevant quality certificates, users can use with confidence.