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Motorcycle Heated Gloves

This electric glove is powered by motorcycle battery. The fabric is firm, waterproof and beautiful. It is also called PU. The lining is thick and fleece. It is soft and warm. The size is 12X25CM. The heating wire is made by our factory. Shaped silicone heating wire, temperature resistant to 200 degrees, anti-bending, gloves have a power cord, two power clips on one end of the power cord, two DC round female plugs on the other end, a switch in the middle of the power cord, you can cut off the power at any time. When using, take out the packing paper card, take out the power cord, clip the battery clip to the battery, and then attach the excess power cord to the frame with the tape. The two female DC plugs are in the handlebar position, and the gloves have a garden. The DC plug is connected with the female plug on the power cord. When the switch is pressed while riding, the glove is hot. This glove is suitable for use in the ambient temperature range of 8 degrees to minus 8 degrees. It is not suitable for use in high and cold regions, and can be powered off at 8 degrees or above. 

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

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