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New Design Of Heated Glove From Prosmart

After being the market leader in electric heated gloves, Prosmart now enters the ski market with this heated ski gloves. Of course you can use these heated gloves also for snowboarding, sledding, or other outdoor activities. The nylon constructed casual gloves with leather palms are pre-curved and also have a waterproof breathable lining. That means your hands will not get wet and will keep warm. Each glove is manufactured using Prosmart patented carbon fibre heating technology. This is the same technology developed for the US Military to help keep them warm in even the most extreme cold weather conditions.

The batteries with built-in temperature controller seem to 'disappear' into the cuff's zippable pouch on the glove, so you do not have to worry about loose cables. A transparent window gives you access to the power level settings button allowing you to select your own personal level of thermal comfort without taking your electric heated skiing gloves off. The highest level on the controller will provide an intense heat output for a minimum of two hours. After your hands warm up, turn down the power setting and enjoy the soothing warmth all day. Two batteries and a dual charger are included.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your every day life and enable you to challenge the climate. Give prosmart a try!

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