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Prepare The Heated Gloves In The Coming Winter

Prepare the heated gloves in the coming winter


The intelligent heating layer is set on the back of the hand of the electric glove to achieve precise heating.

The mounting holes of the intelligent electric heating gloves are sealed in a special way, and the heat is not tightly blocked, and the cold air outside does not penetrate inside, giving the entire handle a constant temperature in the inner cavity. Not that the thumb area is cold, and the rest of the area is hot and uneven. Very good to achieve the purpose of sealing, constant temperature, comfort and energy saving.

Intelligent electric heating gloves are high-tech products that use advanced intelligent electric heating devices to obtain energy, high-performance thermal insulation cotton as insulation layer, and intelligent control to accurately heat the hand. The system makes full use of the surplus electric energy of the existing motorcycle power generation winding, which not only saves energy but also provides favorable protection for the safe driving of the rider.

Intelligent electric heating gloves have high heat efficiency, energy saving, high safety and careful consideration of detail design. It is a kind of safety protection product that is efficient, energy-saving, low-cost, safe, comfortable, practical, inexpensive, and cost-effective.