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Prosmart Electric Warmer Clothing Features

                               Prosmart Electric Warmer clothing Features

1.Prosmart electric clothes super strong intelligent electric heating electric clothing, using the company's independent research and development of a complete set of carbon fiber far infrared rechargeable electric heating technology and modern intelligent temperature control technology, through the internal and external heat source to intelligent Temperature control allows people to instantly feel the warmth of electric clothes in the cold and cold environment of -50 degrees

It can also promote blood circulation, balance human physiology and strengthen the human body, and has good maintenance and health care effects for middle-aged and weak people.

2.Prosmart fever service: technology bid farewell to bloated and fearless winter in the winter, traditional people mostly choose cotton, sweater or down jacket and other traditional thermal insulation clothes to keep warm, thick and bloated, very inconvenient, and our hot clothes are not The same, our electric clothes make the clothes hot through the rechargeable battery, using the activity of releasing far infrared rays as the heating element.

It will never produce electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body. The softness of the heating body will not be damaged when folded or bent. It can not only actively heat and warm, but also fully create the warm and comfortable feeling of the human body, and the feeling of breathable moisture absorption. The effect does not affect the performance and appearance of the apparel.

3. Prosmart electric heating suit intelligent temperature control unique 3 temperature control design using our electric heating products let you enjoy the sci-fi instant heating experience.