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Prosmart New Designed Heated Jacket!

Prosmart new designed heated jacket!


Key Features and Specifications:

Cold weather technology: Multi-layered fabric actively warms the body and stimulates blood circulation.
Three heat zones: Jacket distributes heat to core body areas via three sewn-in carbon fiber heating zones.
Superior run-time: Up to 4-12 hours of heat on a single charge of one Duran Gear battery.

Easy-to-operate heat controller: Includes three heat settings–high, medium, and low–plus a warm-up feature.

Duran Gear battery holder: Sleek pocket design for minimal interference during job site work or outdoor activity.

Three pockets: Includes two hand pockets plus a chest pocket–ideal for storing cell phone, MP3 player, keys, and more.

How to Operate the Duran Gear Heated Jacket?

To turn on the jacket, press the control button located above the chest zipper on the left side of the jack, and hold the button down for 3 seconds or more. This sends the Duran Gear Heated Jacket into pre-heat mode, which provides accelerated heat output to quickly warm you before it drops down to a medium heat output. The control button will fade in and out with a red color in this pre-heat mode. You can then control the heat level in the following ways:

Push the button again to put the jacket in HIGH (button will light up solid red). Push again to go to MEDIUM heat (button will light up white). Push again to go to LOW heat (button will light up blue). Push again and the jacket will go back to HIGH. To turn off the jacket, hold the button down for 3 seconds and the lighting will go off completely.