The Use Of Electric Vest Notice

1. For the first time use, please charge the smart lithium battery. After the battery pack is full, the LED indicator will show green.

2. The smart lithium battery pack and charger (adapter) are used for the thermal magnetic apparel series products: they cannot connect with other batteries | motors | capacitors and other loads.

3. The LED indicator flashes red: The lithium battery is low or the battery output is short-circuited. If the LED indicates a warning, the load will be disconnected.

3. Smart lithium battery storage: Please charge and save, in order to ensure the performance of the battery, the lithium battery pack should be placed in a cool and dry place every month.

4. It is forbidden to place the smart lithium battery in moisture, water, fire, and high temperature: Do not impact the smart lithium battery pack: Do not disassemble the lithium battery pack without permission: to avoid damage to the lithium battery pack and danger.